Airport Layout and Facilities

Solent Airport at Daedalus is undergoing significant infrastructure and development works. During the various phases of work, the main visitor entrance to the Airport has changed from Chark Lane off Broom Way to the newly constructed Daedalus Drive, which is fed by the new junction at the traffic lights outside the front of CEMAST. If using a Sat Nav to get to the Control Tower, enter the postcode PO13 9FZ.

Route map to Solent Airport

PLEASE NOTE: Visitor Parking is at the Control Tower. If driving to the Airfield, Daedalus Drive will feed you in to the Argus Gate entrance where you will be directed to follow the route as highlighted in aqua blue on the map below if you need to get to the Control Tower. Internal signage will also guide you whilst on site. Control Tower is located by RVP South.

Daedalus Pilot Pathway

Visitors pedestrian access from the Control Tower to the beach and sea front in 2 minutes. You can now fly in to us and in just a 2 minute walk, you are right on the beach and sea front, using our exclusive Pilot Pathway. Please ask for the gate code on your arrival and our Ops team will ensure you can enjoy this fantastic new addition. Just outside the gate, a small catering shack also offers seaside treats such as fish and chips and ice creams. A must when you visit our exciting Airfield.

Pilot Pathway is open all year round!

Route map of pilot pathway

As a visiting pilot, you will be able to exit and return to Airside via the Control Tower. Security officers will be manning the Argus Gate out of hours in support of the Waterfront estate, so please ensure if you exit and need to return out of hours, you inform them of your intent and they will permit you access back to the Control Tower to get to your aircraft. (Out of Hours Indemnity Agreements are mandatory in advance, to use the Airfield after operational hours).


Kate's diner External Hyperlink is located in the tower car park and offers hot food and drink with a fantastic view of the airport.

Parking and Hangarage

Grass and Hard Stand parking contracts are available from the Airfield Authority, which attract resident aircraft status and benefits. Currently there is no hangarage, however a project is underway considering this option. If you are interested, please contact us for more details or to express an interest. Self-build plots may also be available in our new Hangars East complex. Enquiries to

Solent area map
Please Note: NEW to January 2016 - the Echo Taxiway has now re-located onto
the former 17/35 runway. Solent Airport is also undergoing significant infrastructure
re-development across the entire Airport. Layout and access should be pre-briefed
by the pilot to ensure a clear and considered route at all times.

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