Visiting by Air - Pilot Briefing

Welcome to Solent Airport Daedalus

Sunset view of runway looking south

Welcoming visitors all year round. We are a CAA Licensed aerodrome, located on the South Coast of England at Lee-on-the-Solent.

Operated by Regional & City Airports Ltd, Solent Airport boasts a beautifully maintained and newly resurfaced asphalt runway, 05/23, available for use all year round.

The airport, with close proximity to the sea, creates a picturesque approach to 05 as well as an easy join into the visual circuit.

For PPR Application External Hyperlink, please see Airport Contact Details below.

Solent Airport SMS and Aerodrome Manual

Opening Hours

Summer Hours 01 March - 31 October 0900 - 1800 (local)
Winter Hours 01 November - 28 Feburary 0900 - 1630 (local)

Airport Extensions during daylight hours are available, in advance, on request.

Airport Technical Information

GPS Information ARP: 50° 48'53" N 001° 12'20" W
Airport Elevation +32ft AMSL
Radio Service 118.925MHz Lee Radio
Fire Category Cat A1 (Cat A2 on request)
AIP Links: AIP Entry - EGHF
AIP Aerodrome Chart - EGHF
Solent Control Zone and Control Area Chart

Information for Pilots

All circuits are to the North of the runway.

Runway 05 - Left hand circuit
Runway 23 - Right hand circuit

Stubbington village is immediately to the West of the airport and is a noise sensitive area. This is highlighted yellow on the image below.

Non-powered circuits

Non-powered circuits are operational to the South of the runway on Wednesdays, weekends and by prior notification. On these days, overhead and deadside joins are prohibited.

Note: Winch launching takes place up to 2100ft AMSL, Non-powered traffic operate to the South and East & Dual circuits in operation.

Joining Information

Arrival from the North

Aircraft arriving from the North are suggested to join via either West Meon Crossroads VRP or Wickham VRP. Be aware that Fleetlands Air Traffic Zone is located 2 miles south of Wickham VRP – frequency 135.700. Suggested join is to remain West and outside Fleetlands ATZ to join either downwind for RWY05 or Right Base for RWY23.

Arrival from the South, West and East

Aircraft arriving from the South, West and East are suggested to join via Spinnaker VRP or Calshot VRP and then to Cowes VRP. Be aware that Calshot VRP is located underneath Solent CTA which extends 2000ft – 5500ft AMSL. Suggested join is either Left Base for RWY05 or Downwind for RWY23 from Cowes VRP.


Circuit Pattern and suggested Join

Circuit Pattern and suggested Join


On grassed parking areas, it is the pilot’s responsibility to ensure that the ground is suitable to taxi over.

Pilots should keep a good lookout when taxiing and aircraft on the grass should give way to aircraft on the hard-standing.

Airport Contact Details


General Aviation and PPR Corporate and Charter Flights Finance Department
Telephone: 01329 82 4748 Telephone: 01329 82 4748 Telephone: 01329 82 4751
Email: Email: Email:
PPR Application External Hyperlink Please contact the Ops department prior to arrival to discuss your handling requirements Fees & Charges 2017 External Hyperlink

Fuelling Services

Solent Airport Daedalus currently uses a third party to provide AVGAS fuel – Daedalus Aircraft Fuelling Services. Landing, and parking charges still apply for fuel stops payable in advance or on agreed terms with the Airport Authority.

Out of Hours Agreement External Hyperlink and Prior Permission (PPR) Application External Hyperlink also mandatory

Fuelling companies are not permitted to handle payments for Airfield fees and charges.

All pilots wishing to purchase fuel should contact the fuel provider directly, to arrange a suitable time, using the contact number below.

Daedalus Aircraft Fuelling Services (DAFS) - 07990 511 200

The Airport Authority will be delivering both AVGAS and JetA1 fuel in 2017.

Flying to and from the UK

Border Force Approval

Flights to/from EU Member States, Isle of Man & Channel Islands approved - Approval # CA119/15.

Inbound from the EU - GAR required - min 4 hours in advance of estimated arrival time.

Inbound/Outbound Channel Islands - GAR required - min 12 hours in advance of estimated arrival/departure time.

General Aviation Report (GAR) forms External Hyperlink should be submitted:

Important Notes