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Pilot Briefing

General Information

Solent Airport at Daedalus is a newly CAA licensed airfield with an Air to Ground Communications Service called 'Lee Radio'. Bordered with complex airspace, a Local Airspace Agreement (LOA) exists between the airport and Fleetlands Heliport (pilots must be aware of the content of the LOA by reading this briefing).

Traffic at Solent Airport is varied with powered and non-powered, flight training, military flight test and evaluation, 24 x 7 commercial rotary and SAR, model aircraft flying and even a motorcycle display team. It is therefore emphasised that pre-briefing is key to being prepared for your visit.

Prior Permission (PPR) is mandatory for all non-resident and visiting aircraft

Please see Airfield Technical Information for the Airfield's official AIP entry and details on flying in from abroad.

Local Airspace

Solent Airport is situated 10NM SE of Southampton (SAM 151 RDL and 9.7 DME) outside of controlled airspace. However, the following controlled airspace is adjacent to the aerodrome:

A local agreement allows aircraft arriving/departing Solent Airport to fly within the part of the Fleetlands ATZ southwest of the disused Fareham-Gosport Railway line without contacting Fleetlands Information. The disused railway line is now a bus route but is easily recognised from the air.

Visual Reference Points (VRPs)

The following Visual Reference Points associated with the Solent Control Area may be used for aircraft operating at Solent Airport:

A full briefing should be conducted by the pilot prior to operating to/from the airfield. Mandatory PPR is applicable for all visiting aircraft wishing to use the airfield. Mandatory Out of Hours Agreements are required by any aircraft that wishes to use the airfield our of the normal published operating hours (extensions are available on request through Ops - charges may apply).

Air Traffic Services

'Lee Radio' (118.925MHz)

'Lee Radio' provides an Air Ground Service to aircraft operating at Solent Airport.

Solent Radar (120.225MHz)

IFR traffic operating to/from Solent Airport at Daedalus are encouraged to call Solent Radar on 120.225MHz for a Basic, Traffic or De-confliction Service. Solent Radar is unable to provide a surveillance service to arriving aircraft and is not permitted to sequence traffic. Solent Radar co-ordinate flights with Southampton Radar.

Fleetlands Information (135.700MHz)

The hours of service of the Fleetlands ATZ are:

Fleetlands Information is able to provide a Basic Service.

Additional Information is available: UK AIP ENR 2-2-3 PORTSMOUTH/FLEETLANDS ATZ

Solent Area Map

Solent area map
Please Note: The tree-lined disused Fareham to Gosport railway line (blue
dashed line through the centre of ATZ) differentiates the eastern and western
sectors of the Fleetlands ATZ.

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Solent Airport at Daedalus has one main runway (05/23). Information should be sought in advance from Ops as to the runway in use and circuit patterns and procedures.

Important Dates

From 24th June 2016 we are opening longer hours 09:00 - 18:00 local time

If you have an event or important activity you would like us to promulgate here, please send this information to

Key Information

Flight Planning & Booking Out

Anyone submitting a flight-plan to operate at Daedalus is requested to include the additional AFTN addresses for Solent Radar: EGHIZTZX and Daedalus Control Tower EGHFZTZX.

IFR departures will be pre-noted to Solent Radar by Lee Radio approximately 5 minutes before departure. If Lee Radio is not available, the pilot is requested to contact Solent Radar prior to engine start. Telephone: 02380 625 875.

Booking out with the Control Tower / Ops team helps us to provide a better service for our pilots and operators, so please email or call prior to flying. This will allow us to ensure you have the latest information and to allow us to prepare for your flight.

All operators, out of published hours, are obliged to notify the Operations team of their flight details by the next working day (latest). This can be emailed to us or filled out on a movement form and deposited in our out of hours box at the ground floor of the Control Tower. We need the following information:

Arrival Procedures

Suggested arrival from North East or from the Solent, between Cowes and Calshot VRP, as shown in Solent Area Map, or from the South to join down wind for runway in use. Joins for individual runways are shown alongside the circuit diagrams. Base of Solent CTA2 immediately to the North of Daedalus is 3000 ft and to the South-West is 2000 ft. Base of airspace outlined and hatched as red is SFC.

Solent Airport at Daedalus is partly within MOD Fleetlands ATZ. Arriving/departing aircraft may fly within the part of the Fleetlands ATZ West of the disused Fareham - Gosport Railway line (not hatched on the Solent Area Map), without contacting Fleetlands. The disused railway line is shown as a black dotted line on the 1:250,000 chart.

Don't overfly the airport lower than the charted minimum of 2100 ft.

No straight -in approaches, overhead or dead-side joins due to glider winch launching and circuits.

Make normal radio calls, including 'final' to allow glider launching to be held while you land.

Departure Procedures

For departures through Fleetlands ATZ, East of the disused railway, during their published operational hours; you must contact Fleetlands Information (135.70MHz) before starting your take-off run. Switch back to 'Lee Radio' (118.925MHz) for departure, then call Fleetlands once airborne. If gliding is taking place, DO NOT apply take-off power until past all personnel at the glider launch point. Track the circuit patterns as drawn (no early turns) for noise abatement.

Ground Procedures

Visiting traffic to Solent Airport at Daedalus should be familiar with the layout and topography of the Airfield (see Airfield Layout page). There are some significant changes to the Airfield since the last published update and these will continue to be regular as major infrastructure changes come online.

Ground Transportation

Visitors or transportation meeting you at the Control Tower can enter the estate via the newly created road 'Daedalus Drive'. This is accessible by the new traffic lights junction on Broom Way in front of CEMAST at the Eastern corner of the Airfield. The route is highlighted in aqua blue on the map located on the Airfield Layout page. The Control Tower is clearly signposted once on the estate.

Circuit Procedures - Main Runway 05/23

Solent area map
No dead-side, overhead or straight-in joins due to glider launching and circuits.

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Circuit Charts reproduced with the kind permission of Pooleys Flight Equipment Ltd. Copyright Robert Pooley.