A compelling proposition of two business parks each with their own dedicated entrance, and a fully operational airport, Daedalus really is a unique offering for businesses seeking to grow upwards and outwards. It also benefits from an onsite emerging skilled workforce and business growth innovation centre, providing access to potential apprentices and a plethora of exciting start-up businesses. It also forms part of the Solent Enterprise Zone which brings with it a host of benefits for qualifying businesses.

Fareham Innovation Centre

Fareham Innovation Centre

Located adjacent to CEMAST Campus for Engineering, Fareham Innovation Centre leads the way for companies seeking to bring their creative ideas to life. The Centre is managed by Oxford Innovation and provides dedicated business support to its tenants. It is the location of choice for fledgling companies, especially those in the specialist sectors of aviation, aerospace and marine advanced engineering.

The Centre opened in 2015 and achieved 100% occupancy well ahead of schedule. This led to a £7M extension in 2018 with provision for a further 33 offices and five workshops. The extension features state-of-the-art conference facilities which include an outdoor terrace affording expansive views across the airfield.

For further information please visit: https://www.fareham-ic.co.uk

Faraday Business Park @ Daedalus has a dedicated entrance separate to the airport and is rich with opportunity for businesses. There is a choice of plots with or without direct access to the runway and home to the skills and innovation cluster.

Swordfish Business Park will comprise two clusters of activity - aviation and non-aviation. The former will appeal to commercial aviation businesses whilst the latter is likely to attract target-sector based businesses.

Your business, your choice

With up to 50,000m2 available for commercial development, plots range from one to six acres and there is potential for larger scale development of up to 16 acres within the estate.

Outline planning already in place means designing and building new premises to meet your needs is a much simpler process.

Decide what works for you from a choice of self-build, turn-key development or lease.

Access to future apprentices and fledgling businesses

One of the many benefits at Daedalus is access to potential apprentices of the future direct from the onsite Centre of Excellence in Engineering, Manufacturing and Advanced Skills Training (CEMAST).

CEMAST has strong links with local industry and partnerships with companies including BAE Systems, GE Aviation, Virgin Atlantic and Jensen Motorsport. It is the main learning centre for students in partner apprenticeship programmes as well as running a host of automotive and engineering courses.


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