Safeguarding The Aerodrome

Operation of Cranes, Directed Light, Fireworks, Toy Balloons, and Sky Lanterns within UK Airspace.

The term aerodrome safeguarding is the term used to ensure that any development on the airfield, close to, or within Solent Airport Daedalus airspace does not impact on the operational safety of, or inhibit the airports capability to accept air traffic safely. It is the responsibility of local councils to consult with the airport regarding any planning applications in the area

Working, building and events in the vicinity of an airport can present significant risks if not managed responsibly by developers. This can include events using fireworks / lighting / sky lanterns, construction sites and drone flying.

As a result, we always encourage you to communicate with the airport, should the activity fall within at least 6km of the airport.

Airport Occurrence Reporting

For reporting of airside hazards which pose a risk to flight safety (i.e.- FOD, runway surface damage, bird hazard), it is important to remember that the Air Traffic Services is the first point of contact. This allows for any necessary immediate actions to be taken.

All other Accidents, Incidents or Near Misses should be reported immediately or as soon as is reasonably practical after the event by way of the Airport Occurrence Reporting From (AOR) which is available on request from the Airport Operations team


If the activity or development requires the use of lifting equipment, mobile or tower cranes, they should be operated in accordance with British Standard 7121 and CAA Publication – CAP 1096. The airport should also be notified of plans to erect these cranes at least 21 days in advance. The notification to the airport should include the following information to allow us to perform our airport safeguarding checks:

On this or any other airport safeguarding issue such as operation of a crane or tall construction equipment within 6km of the aerodrome;

DO NOT proceed until permission has been granted by Email.

(We do not operate a telephone number for safeguarding applications. Postal applications can be addressed to ‘Airport Safeguarding – Solent Airport Daedalus’ or emailed directly to


The drone flight restriction zone around airports has changed. The government has introduced a new rule stating that the 1km restriction from the airfield boundary is replaced by a restriction using the airfield’s existing aerodrome traffic zone, which has a radius of two and a half nautical miles and then five kilometres by one kilometre zones starting from the point known as the ‘threshold’ at the end of each of the airfield’s runways. Both zones extend upwards to a height of 2,000 feet above the airfield. For more information visit

It is illegal to fly any drone at any time within these restricted zones unless you have permission from air traffic control at the airport.

If you intend to operate a drone in the vicinity of Solent Airport Daedalus, please input the postcode or location of intended operation, please use this map .

The Flight Restricted Zone (FRZ) is highlighted in blue.  The location you input will show as a red dot.  If the red dot is inside the FRZ then it is an offence to fly a drone without the permission of Solent Airport Daedalus.

For permission, email details of location, date, time and height of intended operation to Solent Airport Daedalus at – expect a response within 24 hours – do not operate in the FRZ until permission has been given.

Aircraft Annoyance or Unusual Activity Feedback

If you have any feedback or questions regarding the activities at Solent Airport Daedalus please complete the Aircraft Annoyance or Unusual Activity Feedback form .

We strive to respond in good time but please be mindful that we only have a small operations team that deals with these as well as day to day airport operations.

Airport Community Space Bookings

The R28 shared use is the area designated by the airport authority for use by recognised organisations. The below offers two links; the first is a downloaded iCal or google calendar, please speak to your clubs reps for log on. These display the calendar for booked dates of the area. For additional bookings please speak to your head of organisation.

head of organisation.

Download ical External Hyperlink

google calendarExternal Hyperlink