Fees and Charges

The scheme of Fees & Charges is available to download below. This replaces all previous versions.

Touch & Go/Circuit Offer for aircraft up to and including 2000kg MTOW

Until further notice the touch and go/circuit price will be half of the published landing fee for your relevant aircraft weight. Full stop landings will be charged as per our published fees.

For visiting aircraft wishing to conduct touch and go/circuits at Solent Airport, an online PPR must be submitted and approved as per normal and payment may be made in advance or prior to departing.

We look forward to welcoming you to Solent Airport, where you can make the most of our beautifully surfaced asphalt runway.

Landing Cards

Landing Cards are available for pre-purchase for regular visitors or residents on a calendar month basis . These must be paid for in advance. Landing Cards entitle the registered aircraft to regular user landing benefits for the validity of the landing card, and attract reduced rates for the use of the circuit as detailed above. These must be setup in advance with the Airport Authority.


GA Aircraft parking for the day of arrival is included in the landing fee. A premium may be applied to hard stand parking and is subject to availability.

Parking agreements are available at the Airfield for operators wishing to base an aircraft. Costs are available on request to the Airport Management.

Hangarage is limited at Solent Airport and all enquiries should be directed to the Airport Management to express an interest and to request availability and costs.