Prior Permission Required Form

PPR is mandatory at Solent Airport at Daedalus for all non-resident aircraft and visitors. This is to ensure pilots and visiting aircraft are fully briefed on the ongoing airfield infrastructure development, 05/23 runway re-surfacing project, airspace use by powered and non-powered, military and flight training operators using it, coupled with the proximity to Solent CTA and the airfield partially residing within the Fleetlands ATZ.

Please complete all fields in the PPR form below and click the 'Send' button to send the form through to Ops. We will acknowledge receipt and provide you a PIN number by reply. Should your itinerary change, you can cancel online or over the phone, using your unique PIN number and reference.

In order to depart out of published operational hours, pilots will be required to complete and submit an Out of Hours Agreement, providing a valid copy of the aircraft insurance and movement information to Ops.

Out of hours arrivals are not permitted, although permission for an extension can be requested through Ops prior to arrival.

I have read and fully understand the Daedalus Airfield Pilot Briefing information on the Visiting by Air page*

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