Solent Airport Daedalus is owned by Fareham Borough Council and operated by Regional & City Airports (RCA), part of the Rigby Group.

The Airport is a CAA-approved Licensed Aerodrome providing a Flight Information Service, and operating to CAT A2 Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting standards.

Open seven days a week, Solent is the ideal gateway to the region’s diverse range of thriving economic hubs, including the Daedalus – Solent Enterprise Zone. London is a 20 minute helicopter transfer away.

The airport offers pilots slot-free access, comprehensive ground handling, maintenance and refuelling services, crew facilities, extensive managed hangarage and aircraft parking. For passengers, convenient access by road, rail and air, together with restaurant facilities and an executive suite with direct tarmac access make a journey through Solent Airport Daedalus swift, straightforward  and smooth. 


Clear sky
Wind Speed: 11 knots/sec
Wind Direction: 13°


Clear sky
Wind Speed: 8 knots/sec
Wind Direction: 328°


Clear sky
Wind Speed: 5 knots/sec
Wind Direction: 341°


Clear sky
Wind Speed: 4 knots/sec
Wind Direction: 351°